Monday, 4 May 2015

May the Fourth be with you!

I am of a ‘particular age’. The first movie I saw in a theatre was Star Wars.  I went with my best friend Jeff Dyck and our respective fathers. We lined up and waited through at least one showing - a true block-buster. It may have been two showings - I cannot remember. I do remember our Dads took turns walking home to get food to tide us over as we baked in the sun. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and this one was a real doozie. For a first movie experience, you cannot get any better than Star Wars. I am not sure how many times I saw it that year - but I know it was over five. I still watch it from time to time, and while some of the effects are not what they are today, it still transports me to back to being a seven year old.

I had Star Wars action figures, bed sheets, and my parents even sprang for a few rolls of Star Wars wallpaper - enough to do one wall. I still have all my Star Wars trading cards - multiple complete sets I might add. For Christmas one year, Jill and the boys gave me a Lego Millennium Falcon and I am not sure who was more excited about it - me or the kids. I am still a sucker for Star Wars themed t-shirts and buy them whenever I see them.

When Episode One came out, our kids were the age I was in 1977 - it was perfect. I called my Dad and invited him to come with us. We sat there, all lined up in the theatre, and that first musical note gave me goose bumps - with my Dad on one side and the kids on the other - it was pretty awesome.

I woke up the other morning to a link from Riley - the time signature would suggest a stern talking to is in order - and confirms that we officially have a teenager - I am no longer the last one to go to bed anymore. It was a link to a trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie. It looked pretty awesome - what you would expect from a Star Wars trailer, but I was not expecting the four seconds between 1:33 and 1:37. The voice was unmistakable, and the hair on my arms stood up - I think I may have started tearing up a little. I know that four seconds was aimed directly at me, but frankly - I don’t even care, and if I am totally honest, I love them for it. It was unexpected and set the stage for a great day (Jill would say I have a secret crush on Harrison Ford).

I thanked Riley and told him that I got goosebumps - he said he did as well. I then emailed the link to my Dad.

It seemed like an appropriate post for May the fourth (be with you). Yes - that is me on the left in my Star Wars shirt - Chewie with his crossbow and Han with his blaster - just like trading card No.111 (go on, betcha can’t stop yourself from googling it).


Blogger Richard Wile said...

"May the Fourth be with you". This is the text my wife sent to me this morning - we, my friend, are pathetic...


4 May 2015 at 07:40  
Blogger Konrad said...

Yes - maybe we are... but our numbers are great!

4 May 2015 at 07:43  
Blogger John said...

May the Fourth be With You on the Fifth.

5 May 2015 at 00:11  
Blogger Chris Bame said...

May the fourth be with you on Cinco De Mayo
From way South of our Northern border.
Greetings from Texas

5 May 2015 at 10:44  
Anonymous Narayan said...

Star Wars was my first movie too. I remember my dad asking me, "Do you want to see Star Wars or Puff the Magic Dragon?" and I asked what Star Wars was about. He said, "It's about a war... that takes place in the stars."

I am thankful that my first movie did not involve a magic dragon named Puff.

5 May 2015 at 12:14  
Blogger Konrad said...

and you on the 6th John :)

6 May 2015 at 18:17  
Blogger Konrad said...

Thanks Chris.

6 May 2015 at 18:17  
Blogger Konrad said...

That is too funny Narayan - I am glad I was not given such an option... although my mother was mortified that dad took us to Star Wars... she would have much preferred another episode of Little House on the Prarie.

6 May 2015 at 18:22  

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