Thursday, 23 May 2019

Tangerine K13 for sale

Just finished this Tangerine colored K13. It is infilled with dyed and stabilized quilted maple -  the maple is from a tree around the corner from our house - it had been struck by lightning shortly after we moved here. I have been saving the large wedge from felling the tree... I arrived late - the city had already cut everything else into firewood.

 (first day of Rennsport, and the first orange 911)

Ever since my trip to Rennsport last fall, and seeing several blood orange/tangerine colored 911’s, I have wanted to make a plane this color. 

I set out to make this one for myself - so I would have a dyed and stabilized plane to take to shows for people to see and try, but I have been struggling to justify keeping it. I already have a K13 - the prototype, and even though I make planes, there is a point where I cannot justify having so many, let alone 2 of the same model. So after some serious consideration (and stomach acid), I have decided to offer this one for sale.

Here are the specs;
- 3" wide x 13-3/8"long
- 01 tool steel sides and sole
- Stainless steel lever cap and screw
- 2 3/8" wide high carbon steel bade custom made by Ron Hock
- 47.5 ̊ bed angle
- serial number KP48-19 (KP for konrad prototype)


Send me an email if you are interested,


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