Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Magic drawer No.13

An hour ago, the 16th and final drawer was installed. What a feeling. I have been working on the last 4 drawers for a week or so. One of them was a monster at almost 12" deep. Drawer number 13 was pretty significant - it was the first one where all the dovetails fit right off the saw. Drawer No.14 had one corner that needed a bit of paring, but 15 and 16 (the monster drawer) were also off the saw. I took a pile of photos of drawer No.16 being built - it will be the subject of “Some thoughts on dovetails - part II”. The “Red-Robbie” pulls are just temporary until the African Blackwood pulls are done.

Here are a few pics of the three banks of drawers in the kitchen.

I think I can hear Jill blissfully filing Tupperware. Next up on the home reno front - back to the sunroom...


Blogger Mike R said...

Well done indeed! I can (as I told you last time) talk dovetails all day long and I'm thrilled that you've decided to go through with the dovetails Part 2.
How good did it feel going from saw cut to assembly without all the paring and triming that usually takes more time than it did to cut the thing in the first place? I've had that feeling only once or twice and only because I forced myself not to touch the piece that I had just cut for fear of screwing it up.
Really nice job Konrad.

Take care and I've sent yo a pm as well.

9 April 2008 at 21:48  
Anonymous Spencer said...

I'm especially impressed with the quarter column detail. (not too mention the awesome dovetails!!)

Nice work!

10 April 2008 at 19:19  
Blogger MorningWood said...

Very nice! My wife wants a new kitchen in the future and I was contemplating using dovetails in the drawers. Now that question is a no brainer as your drawers are stunning. Thanks for sharing those pictures.


11 April 2008 at 06:52  
Blogger Sam Correa said...

Wow...Hand cut half blinds throughout the whole kitchen...Great work, I dig the thin pins!

25 April 2010 at 04:40  
Blogger Konrad said...

Thanks Sam! And thanks for commenting on this very old post.


25 April 2010 at 08:24  

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