Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Sunroom update - the windows are in!

We have been puttering away on the sunroom over the summer and have reached a noteworthy stage - the windows are installed. We ordered casement windows from a local manufacturer, Strassburger Windows. Much to our pleasant surprise, they arrived the morning they said they would.

My friend Andy has been an amazing help with this project. He is the guy who helped me demo the original windows, jack up the roof and re-frame everything.

He was also on hand to help me hang the drywall on the ceiling and the section above the windows.

I was able to get the drywall taped and mudded the week before the windows arrived and Jill & the boys even managed to prime and paint it too.

Back to the windows...

We had decided that we wanted the windows inset 1" from the faces of all the posts. This posed a bit of a challenge in that the measurements needed to be a little more precise. I allowed for 1/4" clearance around the window in the respective opening - something the manufacturer was a little concerned about (they usually leave at least 1/2"). I assured them the we would take full responsibilty for the close tolerances. And if it was really bad, it would give me a chance to dust off my Stanley No.10 if I had to trim some of the framing.

We installed 1" cleates screwed flush to the outsides of the posts. This allowed us to install the windows from the inside and ensured that the 1" setback was consistent. Here we are installing the first window. Thankfully - it fit perfectly. The first one took a bit longer than the rest, but we quickly established a rythme and we had all 5 units installed in a few hours.

Here is a spliced together shot of the interior.


Blogger Unknown said...

Seems like an awful amount of power receptacles for a sun room. Is it going to be a part time workshop too?


Very nice.

12 October 2007 at 10:53  

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