Thursday, 27 October 2011

A K13a - the original commission

The original commission is completed. The prototype was designed without an adjuster, but the original commission was for a plane with an adjuster. There were several modifications to make - some minor - some major.

The obvious ones are the inclusion of the adjuster and the cap iron - but I also had to modify the sidewall profile so the blade would still be tucked behind the ‘corner’ at the top of the sidewall. I also modified the front curve of the sidewall (between the pad and the lever cap) to allow for a bit more room so the lever cap would actually fit. One other modification was to eliminate the stainless steel button in the cap iron and tap the cap iron itself. This reduced the amount of room required under the lever cap for the blade to be removed.

The handle was pushed back a bit to create more room to cover the stem of the adjuster.

The main stem of the adjuster was also shortened so it would look better with the shortened blade.

(curly African Blackwood!)

A few weeks ago, I started fitting the stainless steel lever cap. I installed the adjuster, put the blade assembly into the plane and just about barfed. I had made one of my typical cap irons complete with perfectly straight chamfered edges on the sides and across the top. It looked horrible. It was late - about 10pm. I was awful tired - but deep in my gut I knew what I had to do. I removed the cap iron, grabbed another piece of 01 and started making a new cap iron. I was a little embarrassed that I was at this stage when I caught this blunder.

The solution was a no-brainer - chamfered curves instead of chamfered strait lines. I was just about to dust off my french curves from college, when I looked down at the K13 sidewall template lying there. Huh... it might just work.

I hand drew a quick radius on the cap iron blank, and then positioned the template - looking for a segment of the sweep that matched. Bingo - there it was. An hour later - I had a new cap iron and not only did it match the plane - it actually enhanced it. No barf-bucket required.

I have the good fortune of being able to hand deliver this plane next weekend in Ottawa. I can’t wait.

Speaking of Ottawa - I will be attending another Lie Nielsen handtool event. Here are the details. Please stop by and say hello if you are in the area.

The next two K13’s are also completed. Interestingly - they are both infilled with Desert Ironwood. Here is a sneak-peek.


Blogger Adrian Baird Ba Than said...

I really love the lighter variants of the very finest Dalbergia, you can really see into the grain. I also find it works a little better than the blacker examples, more resinous, less brittle.
Purely for curiosities sake, what is the asking price for a Blackwood K13 with adjuster?
Thanks for letting Kari take the photo at W.I.A., it still makes me smile.

27 October 2011 at 19:53  
Blogger Richard Wile said...

Those planes look awesome Konrad, I like the Desert Ironwood more and more each time I see it, gonna be awesome in my smoother.

The K13 surely is a defining moment in your evolution as a builder and designer, the responses I have seen have been incredible. I believe the new Master is emerging...

28 October 2011 at 05:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy crap Conrad!

That is one of your most stunning creations to date. The wood and finish are perfect for that plane.

Following this project makes me want to throw down another gauntlet before you to see what else you can come up with.


28 October 2011 at 09:15  
Blogger pjped said...

The icons of design that excite, inspire and move us in some way, of which there are may examples in 18th and 20th c. furniture, pre-war automobiles and boats, architecture, etc. have company in your K13.


1 November 2011 at 00:07  
Blogger Konrad said...

Thanks Black - glad you like it. This piece of Blackwood was a really rare find - I have never seen it this colorful or figured before.

Glad you like the photo from WIA - Kari and I had fun with it.

The K13a starts at $4,900.00 Cdn.


1 November 2011 at 22:02  
Blogger Konrad said...

Thanks for the very kind comments Richard. The Ironwood has been getting some pretty rave reviews and I already know I am going to have to stay on top of my supply. The piece for your smoother is set aside already.


1 November 2011 at 22:03  
Blogger Konrad said...

Thanks Dan - glad you like it.

Sure - add your gauntlet to the pile:) I am just finishing up a matching pair of SNo.4’s right now and I am hoping to spend a bit of time at the drafting table.


1 November 2011 at 22:04  
Blogger Konrad said...

Thanks Pete - I cannot imagine a nicer comment. I am very touched and encouraged by the response to the K13 - it has surpassed my wildest dreams.


1 November 2011 at 22:09  
Anonymous Pedder said...

Hi Karl,

I'm coming back to these beauties the 10th time. I admire the lines. Any chance you're coming to europe next year?


11 November 2011 at 06:12  

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