Friday, 18 December 2009

Just in time!

I am just finishing up three special XSNo.4 smoothers. Here are the details - in no particular order.

First - a Figured Rosewood filled XSNo.4ss smoother. This is the first plane in a series from this piece of wood and the other planes should be equally spectacular.

The grain in the rear infill is just insane! When I was roughing these planes out, I had no idea they would be this killer.

The next XS is infilled with some birds eye/curly English boxwood (oh to be so lucky!). This came from a piece of boxwood I picked up in England several years ago. Like the Brazilian above, the figure exceeded my earlier notions.

And last, but certainly not least is one of the last Mystery Rosewood planes. This is also one in a series and I am very pleased about the homes these last few Mystery Rosewood planes are going to.

The 28-1/2" A2 jointer is coming along nicely - I should be posting some photos in a day or two.


Blogger David said...

Wow Konrad, these are real beauty!
How can some one use these? I would be scared to scratch the finish or drop them!!!
Again, real nice work!

18 December 2009 at 14:50  
Blogger mckenzie said...

I'd love to find one of those under the tree... Wowzerzz.

18 December 2009 at 15:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It must take a great deal of time and patience to get the infill fitted and shaped that perfectly. I always thought I'd prefer a handled smoother, but looking at these, I'm not so sure.

18 December 2009 at 18:29  
Blogger Konrad said...

Thanks David. I know what you mean, but believe it or not - they get better with age and use. Dropping though... not good (trust me - I have done it).


19 December 2009 at 19:44  
Blogger Konrad said...

Thanks T&G. It would be pretty cool to find one of these under the tree.


19 December 2009 at 19:47  
Blogger Konrad said...

Fitting the infill and shaping has gotten much easier and faster over the years.

Un-handled planes are really under rated. Of the 4 smoothers on my bench, three are un-handled. The are incredibly comfortable and can be pushed, pulled and can take corners perfectly. If you ever get a chance, try one out.


19 December 2009 at 19:49  
Blogger David said...

Konrad, send me one so I can try;)
Take care!
And Happy Hollydays!

20 December 2009 at 14:38  
Blogger Konrad said...

Hey David - where are you geographically speaking? I do travel a fair amount and if I am in your neck of the woods you can try all of them - handled and otherwise.


20 December 2009 at 20:35  

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